DSCN1245 International Agribusiness and Consumable Negotiation Company.
With an endeavor to provide a service above reproach and adapted to the needs of its clientele, SGAE entrusted one of its subsidiaries – CONIAC – with the task of importation and exportation of high quality products in several product ranges. This strength leads to advantages non-negligible given that we care to provide our clients with the best products at a competitive price.
DSCN1219 Located in Normandy, a region known for its high quality agribusiness production, SGAE has access to a wide range of choices to answer your expectation. We also don’t hesitate to call on all the sectors of the national and international market in order to add to our inventories different wines and spirits.
Furthermore our strategic implantation close to Paris and its important airports as well as to the most important harbors of Northern Europe ensures our clientele with rapid and adapted action taken when needed.